The Danish Social Housing Sector

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The Danish Social Housing Sector

Social Housing in Denmark is part of Danish welfare and the stock varies from family and youth housing to housing for disabled people and the elderly, including nursing homes.

The aim of the Social Housing Sector is legally defined as affordable and decent housing for all in need hereof, and to give tenant a legal and decisive right to influence their own living conditions.

This manifests itself in a non-profit sector that aims at being both financially, physically and socially sustainable and well-functioning.

“Social housing organizations have the aim of providing available and appropriate dwellings for all in need hereof at a reasonable rent and to give tenants the right to influence their own living conditions”.

The regulation of the Social Housing Sector in Denmark is strict. Apart from the overall aim everything from financing to the size of the individual flats, construction and to the individual activities that housing organizations can engage in is regulated.

As the sector underlies municipal supervision there is also a strong relation to the municipalities, which have a right to dispose over every fourth letting.

The municipalities are responsible for evaluating for the need for new construction, which also makes Social Housing part of local urban development.

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