The social side

Housing organizations with socially challenged housing areas can apply the National Building Fund for financing of targeted social efforts.

Social Housing organizations in Denmark have a legal obligation to engage in social activities.

The social efforts are a very important part and tool for Danish Social Housing to contribute to its overall aim of going beyond the physical aspects and focusing on life in between buildings. In this way, Social Housing in Denmark also becomes a laboratory of the Danish welfare.

Activities are carried out within certain focus areas like for instance “children and youth”, “education and employment”, “health” and “residential activities”.

These areas have a proven value added effect as well as an impact on breaking negative social circles, which was also stated by the Commission in its Social Investment Package.

Social efforts are organized in partnerships between housing organizations and municipalities. This ensures that the social efforts match and compliments existing municipal efforts.

“As a result, socially challenges housing areas are often entrepreneurial hubs of positive activity” with many local resources (e.g. the residents, volunteers, local schools, job centers, local sport clubs and different municipal instances) “working together for the benefit of the entire local community. In this way social housing becomes a social investment in society”.

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